Anne Hathaway Will Be 'Brilliant' As Catwoman In 'Dark Knight Rises,' Says Michelle Pfeiffer

One might think that with all the incessant, obsessive coverage "The Dark Knight Rises" has received this year (since its inception, really, pun not intended) further stories and comments about the film might get old. Not so for the MTV News gang; we're still psyched to see this film, no matter how many months we still have to wait.

Of all the hot topics to come out of the "DKR" gate in 2011, Anne Hathaway's Catwoman costume reveal is at the top of the list. As such, whenever we encounter someone connected to the Batman franchise, we have to ask them about it.

Case in point, our recent interview with Michelle Pfeiffer during the press day for her upcoming film, "New Year's Eve." When we sat down with Pfeiffer, who famously played Selina Kyle in Tim Burton's "Batman Returns," we had to ask for her thoughts on Hathaway in the role and whether or not she'd seen any photos of the revamped costume.

The short answer is that Pfeiffer said she has not seen the photos of Hathaway's costume, but is just as excited as anyone to see her "successor's" performance.

"I was probably the fourth Catwoman so there have been [a few]," Pfeiffer said, downplaying the "iconic" status fans have attached to her performance in Burton's vision of Gotham City.

"Catwoman is iconic, you know. She'll be brilliant in it," Pfeiffer said of Hathaway. "I actually really look forward to seeing her. She's so talented. She can do anything, so she'll be fine."

Can anyone compare to Pfeiffer's Catwoman? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!