Mondo Debuts Last ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Art Poster For Blu-ray Release

Modern mainstream movie posters have long lacked the artistic aim of their vintage predecessors, and Mondo, an art house collecting different artists takes on pop culture posters, plays a part in changing that. Jon Favreau became a fan after working with Mondo on campaigns for “Iron Man” and had to have the collective on hand for his summer action flick “Cowboys & Aliens”.

In late July, Mondo released the first of four limited edition “Cowboys & Aliens” posters, featuring artists chosen by Favreau. Next week, the last poster will be released in celebration of the “Cowboys & Aliens” Extended Edition on Blu-ray Combo Pack. You can see it right now after the jump.

The print, by artist Florian Bertmer, will be available for sale on Tuesday, December 6th at For $45 you get 24×36 inches of extreterrestrial showdown in sepia tinged western comic style. The previous three comic and art deco style prints can be seen at Hero Complex.

Do you prefer more art-centric posters to contemporary composites that aim to Photoshop a film’s every bankable element into an incongruous collage? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!