Nicolas Cage's 'Action Comics' #1 Sets World Record For Most Expensive Comic

Alex Ross SupermanThe most desirable comic of all time sits on the auction block today, and it’s already become the most valuable. It also probably belongs to Nic Cage, for now.

Bleeding Cool reports that an auction for an issue of Action Comics #1 graded at 9.0—the best an issue of Action #1 has ever been graded by the CGC—has already surpassed the record for most expensive comic ever at $1,552,000, with hours left to go.

This past April an exceptionally pristine copy of Action Comics #1—the first comic to feature Superman—was recovered by Los Angeles police from a San Fernando Valley storage locker. The comic had been missing since 2000, when it was stolen from the house of Nicolas Cage, perhaps the most rabid, or at least most famous, Superman fan of all time.

Fans speculated about who might now own the book after the passing of a decade and, doubtlessly, an insurance claim or two. Was Cage still the man behind the world’s most sought after comic?

In October Bleeding Cool was the first to note that a copy of Action Comics #1, ranking an incredible 9.0 under CGC standards, had appeared on CGC’s Comic Book census—a database of every comic the CGC has ever graded. Cage’s comic was officially back in the system. Today it’s on the auction block already having established itself as more valuable than ever. With 24 hours to go, some super fan is sure to up the ante.

Though the identity of the current owner and seller of the comic is still officially undisclosed, many believe it still to be Cage.

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