'Batman: Arkham City' Retreats To The Batcave In December


"I'll be home for Christmas," says the Dark Knight, "but only in your paid downloadable content dreams." Now that we have that corny bit of business out of the way, it looks as though a late December "Batman: Arkham City" add-on will take players into the Bat Cave. There's not much more than a date announced at this point, but it's always exciting to hear about an addition to the game that actually adds a whole new environment.

According to the official "Arkham City" Twitter feed (via Kotaku), a brand new DLC pack will become available on December 20. The download will allow you to access the Batcave, although it's not immediately clear what level of interaction can be had within the new setting. In all likelihood, this is a new challenge room map, but I'm still wishing upon the Christmas star that we could see some new single player missions.

Also available on December 20 are the two previously-exclusive challenge rooms, Iceberg Lounge and Joker's Carnival. Both pieces of downloadable content began as bonuses offered by pre-order/retailers. There's a good chance these two maps will be released as a bundle package with the new Batcave DLC.

Of course, there's something else we don't know quite yet: what will the Batcave look like in "Arkham City?" As much as I personally want it to be filled with goofy '60s computers and an actual working fireman's pole, it's probably a safe bet that it will maintain the same dark look as the rest of the game. That said, I fully expect a giant dinosaur to be involved.

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