'Dark Knight Rises' Rumors: Trailer Talk, Ellen Page For Barbara Gordon?


Even though "The Dark Knight Rises" has recently wrapped, there's not too much known about the film. The cast gets so clammed up about it when asked any questions regarding the project that sometimes it ends up leading to awkward exchanges like this. But that doesn't stop rumors about "Rises" from floating around the web, and we're diving into two of the biggest ones currently knocking around.

It's already been announced that the first six to seven minutes of the film are being shown before "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol," but only of screenings of that flick in IMAX using 70mm film. Fortunately, there's an easier option for everyone else out there. Variety reporter Jeff Sneider tweeted that fans can expect to see a new trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" before "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows."

But that's not the only rumor circulating right now, though this next one is a bit less likely.

The Dark Knight Rises Rumors reported that they had allegedly seen a sign that said "E. Page 'B. Gordon'." It had long been speculated that Ellen Page might be playing Barbara Gordon in the upcoming flick, and this sign seemed to confirm it.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for Batman News to find out that the sign was actually a fake. Okay, so that rumor has pretty much kicked the bucket, but still, we're going to hold out a slim bit of hope that Page is going to surprise us wearing the cape and cowl in "The Dark Knight Rises." Maybe that's the ending Gary Oldman was so secretive of!

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