Chloe Moretz On 'Kick-Ass 2': 'Call Matthew Vaughn'

Listen Chloe Moretz, we need to talk. The game is up, and we want a straight answer.

For about a month now, you've been dropping hints, winking and teasing about some "Kick-Ass 2" news. At the Scream Awards, you said something big was coming soon. But then nothing.

Now, during the junket for "Hugo," when MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked whether the sequel to the 2010 superhero flick was going to happen, you got real quiet.

"Good question," you said with a smirk on your face. "You know, I have a lot of movies coming up for next year."

Clever girl, but that doesn't tell us when we're finally going to get to see Hit-Girl kick enormous amounts of ass on the big-screen again!

"You never know. I'm mysterious." We know, Chloe. We know.

While Mark Millar seems more than eager to get his comic book creation back on the screen, the big question mark has been director Matthew Vaughn, who found himself with a very busy schedule after the success of "X-Men: First Class."

"Call Matthew Vaughn, ask him," you said.

That's it! We can't take it anymore. Please give us the answers you've been promising!

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