Gary Oldman Talks 'Dark Knight Rises,' Bane And 'Akira'

Gary Oldman is so afraid of spilling any small detail about "The Dark Knight Rises" that he literally had a staring contest with MTV News' Josh Horowitz to avoid having to answer a question about it.

After an awkward silence and subsequent laughter, Oldman clarified that not only can he not talk about the film and whether it will have an "exclamation point" ending to Christopher Nolan's beloved trilogy, but also that no one should read into his silence. He said that it's the studio's film that they're paying money for, and it's not up to him to spoil the ending.

That being said, it's a Christopher Nolan film, of course it's going to have a good ending. Oldman did go on to share some vague details about the end of the franchise, and also toss a little tidbit our way about the rumors he's joining "Akira."

"There's a conclusion," Oldman promised for "The Dark Knight Rises." "[Nolan] brings and he touches on the first [film, 'Batman Begins'] and he weaves it in and it resolves and I think it's a trilogy, but it's just great. The story is terrific. I mean, it's just epic."

It will undoubtedly be hard for Tom Hardy to follow-up on Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning turn as The Joker in "The Dark Knight," but Oldman said the "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" actor definitely puts his all into the film. Oldman admitted that there's no way The Joker can be topped, which is why Nolan opted for a villain not everyone will recognize instead.

"I think it was smart of Chris to go with a lesser-known villain," he said. "Instead of going for the Riddler, instead of going for Penguin and all that kind of you know, he's gone a slightly different way with the story, and I think he's got enough smarts and enough class. I know this much about Chris Nolan: he wouldn't make a third for the sake of it."

Now that "The Dark Knight Rises" has wrapped, Oldman has another big potential project on his plate: "Akira." "I don't know yet," he said when asked if he is going to join the film. "We'll see. I'm open at the moment."

Would you like to see Oldman star in "Akira" as The Colonel? Do you agree with his sentiments about choosing Bane over a more recognizable villain? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!