'Man Of Steel' Star Henry Cavill Reveals Favorite Superman Comics


We’ve been seeing photographs taken from the “Man of Steel” set to show us what Superman and Clark Kent will look like, but we haven’t been so privy to information on how the two will act.

Speaking with the L.A. Times, actor Henry Cavill opened up on getting into the part and his research process.

“I stocked up on source material and buried my head in it for a while,” Cavill said. “I didn’t get a chance to indulge in comics as a kid, which I’m actually quite happy about because as an adult I get to read the best of it. . . And I do enjoy them; as an adult I have retained my sense of wonder and love of stories and fantasy world. I really liked ‘Death of Superman’ and ‘Return of Superman,’ those are my favorite ones, and ‘The New 52‘ is great stuff and ‘Earth One,’ although I know people think that is a mixed bag.”

He spoke in detail about “Red Son,” an alternative-reality story where Superman grows up in the Soviet Union. “With ‘Red Son,’ I thought it was interesting as a different perspective,” Cavill said. “It was out there and I like that. It was essential to my character research, too. When you’ve got two polar opposite viewpoints of the same character, you will see what the authors consider the important baseline trend. I got to see that and see the different ways he would have developed and that was very useful to me.”

“And because we are retelling the story and we are doing our own reinvention and a modernization for the screen, I get the opportunity to add my own interpretation of how he developed,” he went on. “So that was cool to look at ‘Red Son’ and see what changed, what didn’t change and what that reveals about the baseline of Superman. You can find what is essential to Superman and what is nature vs. nurture by locating that baseline.”

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