'Powers' Television Pilot Sent Back For Reshoots


FX and AMC networks are slugging it out for supremacy in the hip, new drama department. While AMC landed the increasingly popular "Walking Dead" adaptation, FX has set its sights on Brian Michael Bendis' "Powers," hoping the show might make a nice addition to popular programming like "Sons of Anarchy." News of a pilot in production broke a few months ago, but things have fallen silent since.

Now, it seems as though FX is sending the potential show's producers back to the drawing board, ordering the pilot to undergo a re-shoot.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Powers" was facing off with southern organized crime-family thriller "Outlaw Country," the premise of which reminds me quite a bit of another FX show, "Justified." Well, it seems the network decided to pass on "Outlaw Country," which means "Powers" is back in the limelight.

That is, if the Sony Television production team can manage to impress FX executives with retooled special effects for the comic-book adaptation. Series author Bendis took to Twitter (via Spinoff) to comment on the development, showing his happiness with FX's decision to give "Powers" another shot.

"In regard to 'Powers' tv: the pilot was crazy expensive and very lovely and shows incredible potential for a long series," Bendis wrote. "The reshoots are planned for January and are all about tone and clarity. I am very proud of the pilot, as [is] [Michael Avon Oeming]. Stay tuned."

Bendis also mentioned that FX sees their pilots "differently," and stated the network had requested similar reshoots with "Sons of Anarchy."

Word of the television adaptation has swirled for well over two years now, with former "Walking Dead" writer Charles H. "Chic" Eglee jumping on-board late last year. Actor Jason Patric is currently cast as detective Christian Walker, while Lucy Punch ("Dinner for Schmucks") will take his side as officer Deena Pilgrim.

Let's hope the show's special FX can impress FX. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

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