'Doctor Who' Experts React To David Yates Movie News

Doctor Who

News that David Yates, director of the final four "Harry Potters" movies, plans to make a big-screen "Doctor Who" movie that ignores the Time Lord's television continuity has been received with mixed reactions. Some fans welcome the opportunity to bring The Doctor to a wider, mainstream audience through the power of cinema. Others are insulted by the idea of ditching the ever-elastic continuity of the previous incarnations of "Who."

To explore those positions and more, we reached out to "Doctor Who" experts across the blogosphere to gauge their reactions to the Yates news.

Alex Zalben, MTV Geek

"'Doctor Who' has always been about reinvention, so why not have a big budget, big screen movie? Wrap up the show in a satisfying way, and make way for a bold new take on the series. What are you afraid of, that they'll ruin it by adding a plucky robot dog? They did that already... In 1977. I say: Geronimo!"

Caleb Goellner, Comics Alliance

"David Yates handled the self-contained Harry Potter franchise well, but it doesn't sound like his take on Doctor Who would gel with the serialized multimedia format that BBC fans have come to cherish. Though The Doctor's adventures span virtually every corner of multimedia in comics, novels, radio serials and video games, there's a certain elasticity to the series' continuity that's inclusive -- fans want a single canon, even if it's sprawling, because The Doctor's mythology is built for that. Rebooting the mythos for the sake of a film franchise would be like taking a sonic screwdriver to all that."

Jim Gibbons, Dark Horse Comics / MTV Movies Mustache Correspondent

"While I think David Yates did a fine job with the final four Potter films, I believe it was producer David Heyman who deserves a majority of the credit for the overall feel of the entire series, which—as a big Potter fan—I always thought captured the spirit of the books, if not every little detail. They were true to the characters, if not always the story, and formed a franchise of successful adaptations that never suffered too much from Hollywoodization.

"What Yates is currently describing for the Who movie has me—as a fan—concerned that making a blockbuster motion picture is more important than doing than doing justice on the silver screen to the modern Who legacy. Whether you're more of a Davies fan or more of a Moffat fan, I think most Whovians have a great respect for the care and affection they showed for the series, character and legacy of Doctor Who. It almost sounds as though Yates is grabbing the name and the concept and plans to run with it, giving little thought to the Doctor we know and love.

"That said, if a sub-par movie somehow leads to more Who fans and secures more seasons for the show, well… then it's a necessary evil I can live with, I guess!"

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