'Rogue Trooper' Film May Be On The Way

Rogue Trooper

Earlier last month, tucked into a Daily Record interview with Grant Morrison, news of a "Rogue Trooper" film adaptation snuck out. It was just a little snippet of information, but it was in black-and-white: Morrison was working on a screenplay featuring the blue commando. Of course, nothing more was said about the supposed project, and it's fair to say it sort of fell off the radar in the last few weeks.

A new interview with "Rogue Trooper" parent company, Rebellion, doesn't exactly confirm that the film is green-lit, but there's a good chance the adaptation is one of two properties being optioned.

Speaking to Comic Book Resources, Rebellion's Jason Kingsley stated that the publisher is currently in talks with Hollywood studios over two 2000 AD label brands. It's already public knowledge that a new "Judge Dredd" film is in the works for a late 2012 release, but these are two other 2000 AD books. Given Morrison's previous admission, "Rogue Trooper" seems like a realistic assumption.

"2000 AD's characters are very different to your normal spandex-clad beefcake superhero – for one they're mostly not superheroes, they're cool and stylish but flawed and unashamedly visceral, with strong back stories and the potential for great scripts. In other words, they're perfect for movies," said Kingsley. "Two other major pictures are in negotiation right now, but we've always been clear that we want the movies to do justice to the original comic story."

The Daily Record story states that "Rogue Trooper" is being developed "for Sam Worthington's company." That company is Full Clip Productions, led by the "Avatar" star himself, who is currently working on Radical's "Damaged" series.

So if "Rogue Trooper" is one of the two unnamed 2000 AD films, what's the other one? Personally, I'm hoping it's "Slaughterbowl," because there is no way that a movie about inmates fighting each other on dinosaurs can suck. No, really, that's what it was about and it's amazing.

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