'Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3' Debuts To Favorable Reviews

Marvel Vs Capcom

Yesterday, Marvel Comics and Capcom's ongoing feud – OK, I guess it's not really a feud, but they are "versus," apparently – continued with the latest iteration in the "Marvel vs. Capcom" series, "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3." The franchise is huge with fighting genre fans, but you might ask yourself if the game is really worth the admission price, considering that it's not a numbered sequel. Is this game really "ultimate" enough for your hard-earned bucks?

Fans of the series waited almost ten years for "Marvel vs. Capcom 3," but the release was far from perfect. Primarily, the complaints centered on poor online performance, something that can certainly kill a competitive game in this day and age where couch-bound play with friends is (sadly) on the decline. There were also numerous balance issues, including infamous one-combo kills.

Instead of patching up all the problems (there were a couple patches), Capcom opted to release an entirely new retail version, adding "ultimate" to the title. The online mode appears to function as-intended now, and it seems as though the game really is a more polished version of "Marvel vs. Capcom 3." There's even 12 brand-new characters added to the roster, so it's not like "Ultimate" is merely a fix-job.

Critics have met the game with mostly positive reviews, with Metacritic currently holding the game at 82. Most reviewers still lauded the game's enjoyable fighting mechanics, but knocked the game a bit for its lack of varied modes. Moreover, a continued theme through the reviews was a sense that the game may not be worth the $40 price-tag if you're not a hardcore fighting game fanatic, or if you already own "Marvel vs. Capcom 3."

Here's a look at the reviews from some major outlets:

» 1UP.com – B+

» IGN – 8.5/10

» Gamespot – 8/10

» GamePro – 4/5

» Game Informer – 8/10

Are you playing "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3?" Do you think this version stands on its own, or is it just an update? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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