Liam Neeson Talks 'Dark Knight Rises' Rumors

Christopher Nolan's fantastic Batman trilogy began with the nefarious League of Shadows leader Ra's al Ghul's attempted takeover of Gotham City — and if the "Dark Knight Rises" trailer is any indication, the series will go out on a similar note. But if you're looking for Liam Neeson to shed some light on the "Dark Knight," you're out of luck.

MTV News spoke with Neeson during the recent New York City press day for "The Grey," the actor's survival thriller about a group of oil drillers forced to survive the Alaskan wilderness as a fierce pack of wolves stalks their every move. As we attempted to pick Neeson's brain about "Dark Knight Rises," it became clear that the actor's knowledge of Nolan's final Batman movie was somewhat lacking.

"You're throwing me for a loop," he told MTV's Kevin P. Sullivan when asked about the upcoming comic book movie. "That's right. I was in 'Batman.' I trained him," he added in his best Ra's voice.

Though his voice appears in the "Dark Knight Rises" teaser trailer, Neeson claimed that he doesn't have "a f---ing clue what it's about," but that he's "eager to see this one" when it hits theaters next summer.

"Chris Nolan's made wonderful films, very rich, dark and complex, especially ['The Dark Knight']," said Neeson. "Of course, it was cloaked in tragedy," he added, referring to the death of Heath Ledger.

Of course, all of this might be smoke and mirrors, an elaborate game of shadows that would make a mastermind like Ra's al Ghul one proud teacher. Possible SPOILERS ahead...

There have been rumors of Neeson having filmed a cameo for "Dark Knight Rises," and there are also reports that "Social Network" actor Josh Pence has been hired to play a young version of Ra's. Regardless of Neeson's involvement, it's looking increasingly undeniable that the League of Shadows are back in Gotham City… let's just hope Liam's around in some capacity.

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