'DC Nation' Teaser Trailer Includes 'Green Lantern' And Chibi 'Teen Titans'


When I was growing up, "Batman The Animated Series" was pretty much the greatest show that ever existed. The years may have wound on (and on, unfortunately), but there's still a soft spot in my heart for that Warner Bros. cartoon. DC isn't sitting on their laurels though, and Cartoon Network will soon play host to a special chunk of programming that focuses solely upon DC heroes and related brand content.

If you didn't get a chance to check out the premiere of the new "Green Lantern" animated series last Friday, you should try to give it a shot. So far – yes, there's only one episode out at this point – the show's looking like a lot of fun, and with any luck, maybe we'll find ourselves treated to Green Lantern programming better than this year's film adaptation (it has to be).

Even better, Friday's premiere contained a teaser trailer showcasing content for Cartoon Network's upcoming "DC Nation" programming block. Set to debut in 2012, "Nation" will include regular series' like "Green Lantern," "Young Justice," and the upcoming "Beware the Batman" (2013). The schedule will also showcase short videos and animation, including an Aardman Animations-produced Batman claymation. If you missed "Green Lantern" on Friday, you can now watch the teaser thanks to the magic of the internet.

If you watch closely in the video, there are also brief flashes of the "Gotham City Impostors" animated short that we reported on last month. Did you also catch the rumored live-action "Blue Beetle," chibi-style "Teen Titans," and even "Lego Batman?"

Of all the programming associated with "Nation," I'm most intrigued by "Beware the Batman," given my predilection for – well, for anything about Batman. As "Brave and the Bold" is preparing to wrap up three years of production, can the CGI "Beware" ever fill the shoes of the old "Animated Series?" Probably not, but the show's producers' plans to include lesser-known characters from the comics at least garners some attention.

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