Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Talk 'Spider-Man' On SNL


If you missed Saturday Night Live this weekend, you missed a pretty sweet “The Amazing Spider-Man” plug. But don’t worry — it’s not too late to watch the funny clip.

NBC has posted guest Emma Stone’s opening monologue where she mentions that she’s going to be in “The Amazing Spider-Man” as Gwen Stacy — and don’t you dare mix her up with Mary Jane Watson. Before she can finish talking about the movie, Andy Samberg slips onscreen — upside down and in a Spider-Man outfit.

Seemingly unaware the movie is done filming, Samberg says he wants to audition for Spidey and does some pretty weak web action thanks to a bottle of silly string being taped to his wrist. He comes up with some unread dialogue for his audition, and this dialogue has to be even worse than the silly string.

Finally Stone breaks it to him gently: Spider-Man has already been cast. Once Samberg learns the actor is named “Andrew Garfield” he has to get this confused with a certain lasagna-loving cat. So it’s up to the real Andrew Garfield — who’s on set! — to walk out in a surprise cameo and set the record straight.

Yup, Stone was the official guest, but Garfield got some time in front of the SNL cameras as well to help his co-star announce what to expect for the rest of the show. Samberg, of course, is just left hanging.

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