'Dark Knight Rises' Plot Rumors And Prologue Possibilities

Dark Knight Rises

"Dark Knight Rises" plot rumors are a dime a dozen these days, but some are more interesting than others. Like today's pair of rumors, for instance. One of them covers what we might see in the "Dark Knight Rises" prologue, while the other potentially speaks towards the movie's greater plot line.

Make sure you bring your salt shakers as we engage some POSSIBLE SPOILERS past the jump.

» The good folks at io9 point us towards an IMDB user who has apparently seen the "Dark Knight Rises" prologue. According to the report, the prologue begins immediately after "The Dark Knight" ends, with Batman on the run from Gotham cops. He collides with a truck belonging to Bane, who reveals that he knows everything about the Caped Crusader, including his identity, before proceeding to break the superhero's back. Something tells me this one falls firmly in the false file, but we'll find out for sure when the prologue officially hits.

» Another rumor from Cosmic Book News (also pointed out by io9) centers on how Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Matthew Modine fit into the "Dark Knight Rises" plot. JGL's John Blake is apparently a cop brought into Gotham to lead a new task force dedicated to hunting down the Batman. When Bane and his minions take over Gotham City, Blake and another cop, played by Modine, inspire other police officers to start fighting back… hence all the street battles we've seen photos of in recent months. Sounds a lot more plausible than the previous rumor, if you ask me, but still approach with caution.

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