SyFy Developing Show Based On 'Ghost Projekt'

'Ghost Projekt'Ratings are up for SyFy, and the channel is developing three new shows: “Ghost Projekt,” “Seeing Things” and an as-yet-untitled Robert H. Wolfe drama.

Of the three, “Ghost Projekt” would probably interest Splash Page readers the most because it’s based on a comic book series. Released in 2010, the Oni Press-published series stars Will Haley, an American weapons inspector, and Anya Romanova, a KGB agent, as they track down a very dangerous stolen weapon. They’re often described as being an “unlikely” team, but of course those teams are the most fun in fiction. Coming to us from Joe Harris and Steve Rolston, the comic has released five issues.

The Hollywood Reporter gave us the heads up on this development, but there’s not a whole lot of news on it yet. Brett Matthews, a writer for “Supernatural,” has been hired both as a script writer and an executive producer for “Ghost Projekt.” The other executive producers hired are Eric Gitter and Andy Bourne. That’s about all the news that’s been released on the project for now, but hopefully soon we’ll have some more concrete information.

SyFy and Oni Press have talked business before. Along with “Ghost Projekt,” SyFy is interested in putting the publishing company’s “The Sixth Gun” on the channel, but this time around it would be as a miniseries.

Have you read “Ghost Projekt,” and, if so, would you be interested in seeing it as a TV show? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!