Lois Lane A 'Clean Slate' For 'Man Of Steel' Star Amy Adams

adamsWhen an actor or actress takes on an iconic role that’s been played a number of times before, he or she also has to take on the weight of how the new performance will stack up. Should you emulate previous actors, try something totally new, or go with a mixture?

That’s what IGN wanted to know about Amy Adams’s portrayal of Lois Lane in “Man of Steel.” When asked if she were influenced by previous Lois Lanes or if she were treating this as a clean slate, Adams replied, “Yeah, I treat it like a clean slate. I mean, I come from theater where people play the same role over and over again. And so I’ve always approached acting that way.”

“But I have a lot of reverence and respect for the people who’ve come before me,” she went on. “I mean, there’s a long history, you know, of television and film performances of Lois Lane. I definitely have a lot of respect for them and take what I can from them.”

So it sounds as if she’s mostly doing her own thing, but will take some cues from former Lois Lanes. Is that the impression you got?

It does appear as though this movie’s take on Superman will be visually different from the past. Examples: Lois Lane’s red hair and Clark Kent without his spectacles. Whether this is a good way to stand out or if they should stick closer to the original material is up to the observer.

If you were playing Lois Lane, or another iconic character, how would you go about portraying her/him? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!