Kirsten Dunst Weighs In On 'Amazing Spider-Man'


"The Amazing Spider-Man" hasn't even swung into theaters yet and already we're seeing video game screenshots, action figures and more. Interest in the next big-screen outing for Peter Parker is very high, but is it so high that we've already forgotten the Sam Raimi "Spider-Man" trilogy of yesterday? Star Kirsten Dunst certainly hopes not.

"I don't feel that way," the actress told Moviefone when asked if she thought people would forget about her "Spider-Man" once the Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone reboot arrives next summer. "I feel what we did was special and I don't think that goes away. I don't think so."

"Also there's a new generation of kids that will watch these and this will be theirs," she continued. "These are the people they'll identify with as Spider-Man. But I think what we did was special enough that it won't... I don't feel that way. And I do like those two, I do think they're going to be good together."

Part of me is sad to see the Raimi, Dunst and Tobey Maguire era come to an end — especially because it closed on such a sour note, not just with the poor quality of "Spider-Man 3," but also the developmental hell that was pre-production on "Spider-Man 4." I would have loved to see them go out on top. But as it stands, those first two Spidey flicks are classics in their own right. Even if they fade away in favor of the new version, the Raimi era will always be amazing in my book.

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