'Dark Knight Rises' PG-13 Prologue: What We Want

Dark Knight Rises

When news broke that the MPAA had given a rating to the rumored "Dark Knight Rises" prologue, it joined the other red flags signaling the preview's existence. Though it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, the prologue will supposedly run in front of 70mm prints of "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" starting on December 16. The MPAA dished out a PG-13 rating for "some violence," but offered no other hints about the contents of the clip.

This is a good start. The PG-13 rating for "some violence" does, in fact, signal a few things. We are going to get "some action," at the very least. This won't be a dialogue scene, updating the audience on Gotham's infrastructure since the end of "Dark Knight." We're going to get some good old-fashioned PG-13 action, and as blockbusters love to remind us, you can do a lot with PG-13 nowadays.

But what kind of violence are we talking about?

If "Rises" follows closely to what "Dark Knight" did with its prologue, we may see a Bane origin, whether he's escaping from prison or making his transformation to the back-breaking luchador. Officially, we've only seen glimpses of Bane. (The deluge of set photos don't count.) The prologue could mean a nice closeup for Tom Hardy, just like the "Whatever doesn't kill you moment" from the "Dark Knight" prologue.

Then again, it's also important to consider that Nolan isn't one to take the predictable way out. A prologue that doesn't introduce the main villain could go a number of ways. It could focus on the Caped Crusader, but with audiences so familiar with the arc of Christian Bale's Batman that just a preview of his character in "Rises" could feel incomplete. Maybe, we get a look at Selina Kyle and her night time hobbies, namely burglary.

Most of what we've seen from set photos have taken on a much larger scale than what would be appropriate for the prologue, so don't expect a war between the police and Bane's acolytes or a peak at the Batwing.

Whatever "some violence" entails, expect it to be a big, exciting, perfect tease that will sink its claws in and make July 20, 2012 seem that much further away.

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