'Jessica Jones' TV Show Includes Luke Cage Role, Confirms Writer

Jessica Jones

Some time has passed since we last heard news about "AKA Jessica Jones," the Marvel TV series based on Brian Michael Bendis' "Alias" comic books. In fact, last we heard, "Twilight" author Melissa Rosenberg had been hired to adapt the project… a hire that's apparently still in effect!

“It’s still sitting at ABC and we’re hoping to get on the schedule for next fall,” she revealed of the TV show's current status in an interview with I Am Rogue. “I love this character. That is an incredibly damaged, dark, complex female character that kicks ass. That’s my favorite thing about it.”

What's more, Rosenberg confirmed that Luke Cage — better known as the superhero Power Man, who just so happens to be Jones' lover in the comic books — is very much a part of her vision for "Jessica Jones."

"Luke Cage is in there. Absolutely, I love that character," she said, adding that Jessica and Luke's eventual child is a "way down the road" addition tot he cast. "When you give your superheroes babies it gets very complicated. I went through that on [the Showtime series] 'Dexter,' although it gives you some new interesting storytelling."

In Rosenberg's vision of "Jessica Jones," the titular hero has thankfully retained her past as a former superhero before turning private detective, with one new wrinkle.

"Jessica Jones is actually a former superhero with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder," she said. "My psychologist father-in-law said, 'I don't know why all superheroes aren't PTSD.' It's a trip. So she is wrestling with having this damaged past and still trying to contribute something to the world."

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for pointing out the interview.

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