'Iron Man 3' Seeks 1,000 Extras For North Carolina Shoot

If you live near Wilmington, North Carolina, you might have a chance to be an extra in "Iron Man 3," and your chances are actually pretty good. A Facebook post by Premiere Casting stated that production would call for 1,000 background actors for the shoot in Wilmington starting in May 2012 and finishing in January 2013.

A few things. This sounds like a massive production. One thousand extras may not end up meaning too much for the scale, since all those people scattered across two hours isn't that many background actors. On the other hand, we could see one very large sequence. Also, a seven month shoot? Even though production will likely work on and off in different capacities throughout that period, that's still a long time to film just one movie.

President of Marvel Studios Production Kevin Feige described "Iron Man 3" as the first film in the second phase of the Marvel Universe films. Shane Black has signed on to direct and co-write the screenplay. Robert Downey, Jr. will return as the billionaire-turned-superhero philanthropist, Tony Stark, reprising his role after this coming summer's "The Avengers."

Is anyone from North Carolina going out for a spot as an extra? Let us know in the comment section below and on Twitter!