Batman Explores Bat-Voice Options In New College Humor Parody


For all the love that Christopher Nolan's Batman movies get, the one piece that continually receives nitpicking from fans is the beyond-raspy voice Christian Bale uses to mask his own and protect Bruce Wayne's identity. The voice has its moments of working well for the character, but other times it skews into ridiculousness. ("I'M NOT WEARING HOCKEY PADS!!!" comes to mind.)

College Humor has done us all the favor of getting to the bottom of just where Batman got his voice from. It took a number of run-throughs, but once he got it, it stuck.

The sketch gives a different look at the scene from "Batman Begins" when the Dark Knight takes Flass for a ride. He tries out a few different voices, including one inspired by bat sonar, Al Pacino and a British accent.

What's your favorite voice? I have to give my nod to the John Malkovich Batman. I think if it had stuck we could have seen a whole series of a much more neurotic Dark Knight, or we could have gotten into an "Insomnia"-inspired take on Bruce Wayne with a performance by Al Pacino. Either way, the video shows that there was a world of possibilities for the Batman voice. Maybe "The Dark Knight Rises" will give us a different voice.

Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter which version of the Batman voice you'd like to see more of!

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