'Dark Knight Rises' Roundup: Newark Shooting, Chanting, Talkin' Nerdy

Dark Knight Rises

I guess we should be grateful that rarely does a day pass without some sort of news about "The Dark Knight Rises." The hotly anticipated conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy just seems like it's going to be too amazing to go a day without at least some update, so it's a good thing that today three bits of news came down the line that should pique your interest.

Newark, Newark

Production took a break from racing motocross bikes through the Financial District to hop across the Hudson to New Jersey. The team behind "Magnus Rex," the fake name used to throw people off the scent, camped out in and around Newark City Hall. Stars Morgan Freeman and Marion Cotillard were spotted in the building, which had been converted into a mock infirmary stocked with cots and tattered-looking citizens. There were also several fires set and people walking around wielding machine guns. Reports for shooting on November 4 called for a large number of extras, including some dressed as SWAT members. From the looks of the set, all is not well in Gotham.

Hans Zimmer Wants You!

A website called UJAM is offering a unique opportunity through cooperation with "The Dark Knight Rises" composer Hans Zimmer. A message on the site from the composer reads:

"We need to hear your voices! Now and Loud! We are creating the sound of a worldwide chant. Everyone come and be part of it. It's easy: There is no such thing as out-of-tune, no timing we can't fix later. If you mumble, growl, scream or whisper, it's all good. Make it yours. If you only get halfway through, no problem! Do it alone, bring your friends, but do it with energy and commitment.Let your voice be heard and be a part of our adventure!"

The page then links to a section where you can record your own version of the chant used near the end of the teaser trailer. The recordings will supposedly be combined, edited and then featured in the finished film. Head to UJAM for a chance to record you chant and make it into the movie!

Talk Nerdy to Me!

This week marks the premiere of MTV News' brand new discussion show that tackles all things nerdy. On the first edition of "Talk Nerdy To Me" features Brian Phares sharing about his visit down to the "Dark Knight Rises" set in midtown Manhattan and what he did or did not see. You can check out the entire episode below and learn more about "TDKR," "The Walking Dead," and the new Bond film, "Skyfall."

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