Introducing 'Talk Nerdy To Me,' Our New Weekly Talk Show!

Here at MTV News headquarters, you can't start a day without hearing people across the newsroom nerding out about something. Whether it's new "Dark Knight Rises" set photos or the latest "Walking Dead" episode, our minds are constantly boggled by and our lips are forever flapping about the most recent instance of pop culture goodness.

So rather than just talk nerdy to each other, we've decided to talk nerdy to you!

Watch Talk Nerdy To Me!

Welcome to "Talk Nerdy to Me," our brand new weekly online talk show about all things movies, comics, TV and more! It's been lovingly referred to around these parts as "'Pardon the Interruption' for nerds," a comparison that isn't far off the mark: every week, we'll pick a handful of topics covering the latest and greatest nerdy news, and we'll be timed on exactly how long we can spend on each subject.

As you can see, in this week's first episode, we kind of went over the time limit. We tend to ramble a bit. Sorry!

This week's episode centers on "The Dark Knight Rises" shooting in New York City (beware some minor spoilers), the announcement of the James Bond flick "Skyfall," the upcoming episode of "Walking Dead" and a preview of this week's box office contenders, "Tower Heist" and "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas." Plus, special guest Kevin Polowy of joins us for our Weekly Rant!

"Talk Nerdy to Me" is very much a work in progress. This is our first episode, so we're wide open to suggestions. What do you like? What don't you like? Send any and all feedback to us at @MTVSplashPage using #TalkNerdy, or talk nerdy to us in the comments section below. Hope you enjoy the show!

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