'Walking Dead' Preview: 'Cherokee Rose'

Walking Dead

Where is Sophia? That's one of the many questions on the tips of everybody's tongues as "The Walking Dead" continues trucking through its powerful second season. That topic gets explored further in this week's episode, "Cherokee Rose," debuting on Sunday night (November 6).

Want to find out what happens this week? We've seen the episode early, and past the jump, we're giving you a taste of what's to come. As always, minor spoilers lie ahead.

» After last week's focus on the downward spiral of Shane Walsh (played by Jon Bernthal), the unhinged lawman takes a bit of a back seat in "Cherokee Rose," surrendering the Badass of the Week mantle to none other than Daryl Dixon. Actor Norman Reedus gets a lot of screen time this week as Daryl sets out on a personal mission, one that yields unexpected results for grieving mother Carol (Melissa McBride).

» Love is in the air! A long awaited hookup finally goes down in this week's "Walking Dead," but the aftermath is… awkward, to say the least.

» With Carl officially on the mend, Rick and Lori are a bit more at ease with each other and their current situation. But both parties get separate bits of unexpected news that could potentially change the game for themselves and the rest of their companions.

» The episode's title, "Cherokee Rose," refers to a very specific story — a story that happens to have meaning for several characters including the missing Sophia and the exhausted Lori.

» "Cherokee Rose" has considerably less violence than last week's "Save the Last One," but what it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. Get ready to meet what's surely the most vile, disgusting zombie that Greg Nicotero has ever created for "The Walking Dead." Trust me, it's a very well done scene.

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