'Walking Dead' Actress Wants To Find Sophia, Kill Zombies

Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" isn't shy when it comes to putting its cast through the wringer. Already this season we've seen a man ripped to bits by a horde of walkers, a child was shot in the chest and another little one has vanished without a trace.

It's that latter victim, Sophia Peletier (played by the talented Madison Lintz), that we're currently most concerned with. Where has Sophia gone? Will we see her again — and if we do, will she still be among the living, or will she have joined the ranks of the undead?

AMC caught up with actress Melissa McBride, who plays Sophia's mother Carol, and talked about the child's disappearance this season.

"I was shocked! It's been a thrill to play it out," McBride said of learning about her character's latest story line. "And I'm anxious to see what happens when this gets resolved."

"It can certainly wear on my emotions a bit, but I have a strategy to just be able to let it go and breathe it out," she added, weighing in on how she taps into a mother's agony. "Playing Carol is almost like witnessing a car wreck. It didn't happen to you but you still have the sense of having witnessed this kind of terrible thing. As the day wears on, it kind of wears off a little. I also really love this part -- I have a great interest in psychology and I enjoy trying to figure out what happens with Carol to elicit her reactions to things."

One thing that McBride hasn't been able to do as Carol yet is actually kill a zombie herself—something she hopes to rectify soon.

"I was talking one of the producers the other day and she said she was walking through the farmhouse and she found a little basket with some knitting needles in there. Wouldn't that be kind of cool for Carol? A couple of knitting needles through some zombie's head, a little slip-stitch," she laughed. "Carol should have a tool belt with knitting needles and an iron skillet -- we've got to get her a weapon!"

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