'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Attached To 'Sherlock Holmes'?

Dark Knight Rises

We now know that on December 16, a six minute prologue for "The Dark Knight Rises" will debut in front of certain IMAX showings of "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," but according to the latest round of rumors, that won't be the only place to find a preview of the next Batman movie.

According to both Batman-on-Film and Batman-News, the first full trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" will also premiere on December 16 in front of another holiday release, "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows." Both sites claim to have confirmed the story with unnamed sources.

The rumor holds water for several circumstantial reasons. "Sherlock Holmes" is the big Warner Bros. release of the holiday season, and with Paramount debuting the prologue in front of "Mission: Impossible," it makes sense for WB to want to get some "TDKR" love for themselves.

It's been almost four months since our first peek at what lies ahead for Batman, the agonizingly short teaser trailer, released this past July. All Batman fans would agree, it's time for something new. A quick look back at news from 2007 shows that if the new trailer were to debut on December 16 in front of "Holmes," it would premiere four years to the date of the first theatrical trailer for "The Dark Knight." We could be seeing the repeat of a release pattern.

If "The Dark Knight Rises" takes a note from the trailer for "The Dark Knight" as far as content goes, we could see a much better look at a villain only barely featured in the teaser. This would mean a much better look at Bane and perhaps a hint at a larger story.

Watch the first "Dark Knight Rises" trailer!

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