'Dark Knight Rises' In New York: Live From The Set!

The Dark Knight Rises

"The Dark Knight Rises" resumes production in New York City today. With Batwings and bombs already in the Manhattan mix, who knows what director Christopher Nolan has in store for today's shoot… but we're about to find out.

MTV News reporters Kevin Sullivan and Brian Phares are on the ground at today's "Dark Knight Rises" shoot in midtown Manhattan, and we're bringing you all of the details live as we get them. Click past the jump for Kevin and Brian's firsthand account on what they've witnessed from Nolan's third and final Batman movie today, and keep tuning in for more updates as we get them.

» "The set is really low-key on the street level, just a bunch of trailers and semis. They've taken a much more relaxed approach to this setup. People are walking by and a few are even questioning what's going on."

» "Fans down here say they met Gary Oldman."

» "There are three trailers on 32nd between 5th and Madison: 'Gordon,' makeup and 'Blake.'"

» "We caught JGL leaving his trailer in what looked like street clothes. He quickly threw up his hood."

» "We think both Oldman and Gordon-Levitt are in makeup. Shooting should start soon."

» "Nolan's just walked in."

» "JGL just went up the roof. We're expecting Oldman soon."

» No parking, folks: Batmobiles only.

» "Chris Ellis just showed up. He's dressed in sweats and wasn't escorted. We barely noticed him!"

» If you don't know Chris Ellis by name, you almost certainly do by face: the wonderful character actor has appeared in countless films including "That Thing You Do," "Apollo 13" and "Armageddon."

» "I overheard a PA talking about a lot of cops. Seems to be the theme of the scene."

» "Following a long lunch break, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is back on the scene, wearing his police officer blues as seen in previous pictures."

Keep checking back for more updates from today's "Dark Knight Rises" shoot!