'Iron Man 3' Director Still Working On 'Death Note' And 'Doc Savage'

Death Note

Before he was announced as the director of "Iron Man 3," Shane Black was attached to two other Splash Page friendly properties. One, "Death Note," was his adaptation of the popular anime and manga series about a young student who can kill anyone whose name and face he knows by simply writing his target's name in a supernatural notebook. The other, "Doc Savage," was based on the popular pulp hero and his endless high adventures.

Understandably, the third "Iron Man" movie is Black's primary focus at the moment. But in a new interview, the director added that he's still hoping to get "Death Note" and "Doc Savage" made before long — although both projects have their fair share of obstacles to overcome.

"I do want to do 'Doc Savage,'" Black told Comic Book Resources. "The script is still evolving and I'm kind of busy, but I want to get it right and I want to do it."

Aside from being busy, Black sees another difficulty: making these movies "real world and adult," words that aren't necessarily synonymous with the action-adventure genres in this day and age, in his opinion.

"If we did 'Death Note,' the challenge is make it real world and adult; if we do 'Doc Savage,' the challenge is make it adult," said Black. "I think that there are so few practitioners of action movies these days who are doing worthwhile stuff that it behooves me to try to weigh in and try to do the 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'-type stuff, to try to recapture the magic. When I stood in line for a summer movie when I was coming up at eighteen, nineteen, twenty years old, I stood in line for two and a half, three hours and you got the goods! They delivered! And if they didn't, you went outside and said, 'Arg, 'Indiana Jones 2' wasn't that good, I stood in line for three hours!' Now, you don't know what you're getting!"

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