'Walking Dead' Ratings Down, But Still Massive

Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" obliterated records with its second season premiere, becoming the most watched drama in the history of cable television with a staggering 7.3 million viewers. Though that number has trended downward in the weeks that have followed, it's clear that "Walking Dead" is still feasting on brains nationwide.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the Halloween weekend episode of "The Walking Dead" — the gut-wrenching "Save the Last One," featuring Jon Bernthal at his absolute best and worst — clocked in at 6.1 million viewers. That's nine percent off of last week's ratings for "Walking Dead," which itself was down eight percent from the season premiere. All told, that's a pretty impressive holding.

Even with downward trending ratings, "The Walking Dead" isn't going anywhere any time soon. The show has already been renewed for a third season, guaranteeing that there are more adventures with Rick Grimes and his none-too-pleased band of survivors in viewers' futures — assuming our heroes make it out of this present season alive, of course, which is a very dangerous assumption.

Creatively, I think the show is better than it's ever been; each episode of the current season has gotten progressively better, and the season premiere was already my favorite episode of the series thus far. With a continually impressive viewership (albeit a slightly smaller one) and constantly improving creative quality, it's clear that the zombie apocalypse is here to stay — you better get used to it.

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