'Venture Bros' Co-Creator Doc Hammer Wants To Make 'Doctor Strange'

Doctor Strange

Prepare yourselves for magic! The Sorcerer Supreme himself, Dr. Strange, is no doubt on his way to starring in one of your next favorite Marvel movies, but we at MTV News aren’t the only ones with our sights set on the enigmatic master of the mystic arts.

Stan Lee has long been a proponent of the film's creation, and the character even has Patrick Dempsey practicing his incantations in front of his mirror at home. However the newest fan to join the fray is none other than Doc Hammer of "Venture Bros." fame, who recently spoke at New York Comic Con about his lifelong dream of bringing everybody’s favorite magic slinging surgeon to the big screen.

“I’ve got notebooks and notebooks of stuff on Doctor Strange,” said Hammer, according to Spinoff Online. “I’ve been making that pitch since I was 8 years old. I can walk into a room and go ‘Are you ready for the greatest Doctor Strange movie ever made?’ and they’ll go ‘We’ve never even made a Doctor Strange movie.”

Those are some bold words, but unfortunately for Hammer they are making a "Dr. Strange" movie; Marvel Studios has already hired “Conan” screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to pen the script. It looks like Hammer may have missed the boat for the first "Dr. Strange" movie, but that doesn’t mean he won't get another shot down the line.

Hammer has more than proved he can write about the mystical and arcane powers of the cosmos. Anyone who has watched "Venture Bros." is well aware of Dr. Venture’s oddball tenant who resides in an abandoned wing of his compound, Dr. Orpheus. The over the top necromancer communes with the forces of the mystic beyond, and answers to a demigod that takes the shape of a three headed dog that lives in his daughter’s closet.

With penchants for astral projection, levitation, fireballs and raising the dead, Dr. Orpheus was probably Doc Hammer’s only real outlet for his true passion, Dr. Strange. I have no doubt that Hammer’s vision of the film would literally be out of his world. About his "Strange" pitch, Hammer claimed: “You could have watched it seven times and every single time it would of been a different movie. It [would have been] the Mad Libs of film.”

No doubt it would have been, and still can be if the stars align just so. Fret not Doc, Donnelly and Oppenheimer can get through all of that boring surgeon stuff and you get to skip straight to the goods: magic!

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