'Dark Knight Rises' NYC Roundup: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Batwing And Bombs

Dark Knight Rises

"The Dark Knight Rises" has only been in New York City since late last week, and the place is already going to pieces. Billionaire playboys need police escorts. People on motocross bikes might be abducting innocent civilians. The Batwing even needed to make an appearance to calm things down. All of this nonsense, and we haven't even begun to talk about the bomb-like sphere in the heart of the Financial District.

With leaked set photos once again abound, there's always a flurry of "The Dark Knight Rises" information floating around after a shoot as public as the two major ones that have happened in New York City so far. Both locations, Midtown and the Financial District, featured action that seems to be from the same IMAX sequence, with the Wall Street shoot taking place later chronologically.

Here's a run-down of what's gone down since Bruce Wayne turned the real-life Gotham into his own. Major spoilers ahead!

John Blake, Police Officer

Ever since Joseph Gordon-Levitt was cast as John Blake, "a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty," and fans let out a collective "who?", there has been mystery surrounding the character and his role in Nolan's conclusion to his Batman trilogy. On October 28, both Gordon-Levitt and Christian Bale appeared outside Trump Tower, newly redecorated for its new owner, Wayne Enterprises. Shots from the set show Blake escorting a very Patrick Bateman-esque Wayne through a group of photographers and journalists. What we've seen from Gordon-Levitt so far has been surprisingly in line with Warner Bros.'s initial press release about the character. Maybe he is just a cop after all.

Yeah, I don't think so either.

Stop That Motocross Bike!

The big action sequence that the crew filmed over the weekend featured a host of bikers taking off with rear-facing riders on the back and a hail of gun fire. We still don't know the role of the passengers on the back or which characters the stuntmen are standing in for. Some fan sites that had spies on set call them hostages. Others claim the riders were shooting back at the police. Either way, Matthew Modine was present for the shoot, which leads us to believe that his character Nixon is involved.

Batwing Returns

The big spoiler to come out of the LA shoots was the reveal of the Batwing, the airborne version of Batman's tumbler. Over the weekend, the Batwing showed up on the east coast to film with the motorcycles. One of the photos taken by a member of the forum over at Superhero Hype even showed Batman in the cockpit. The thing looks like a beast and should make for some killer action once it's given a post-production makeover.

Holy Mysterious Spherical Device, Batman!

Just beneath the Batwing in the on-set photos, there's a machine that's drawing a lot of attention on the blogs today. The device is a large sphere with several metal rings around it and a counter that could display either two minutes or 20 seconds. A few of the rumors going around are that this could be just a bomb, another microwave emitter similar to the one in "Batman Begins," an electro-magnetic pulse generator or Bane's much-discussed earthquake machine. It is all speculation at this point, but the thing looks like it means business.

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