'Walking Dead' Creator Robert Kirkman Appears On The View

Robert Kirkman

"Walking Dead" comic book fans are no doubt continually surprised by the overwhelming amount of mainstream attention this franchise has been getting lately – Emmy nominations, record-breaking cable debuts, and now the book's creator, Robert Kirkman, is showing up on a daytime talk show? It's not the zombie apocalypse, but it's certainly a different world we're living in, fellow nerds!

Kirkman was a guest on today's Halloween-themed edition of The View, flanked by hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar and Sherri Shephard dressed head to toe in zombie makeup. As a longtime fan of Kirkman's, watching him on The View was surreal, to say the least. Hit past the jump for the highlights.

» Kirkman's appearance began with a bombardment of zombie questions from the View hosts. His definition of a zombie: "A zombie is a dead person who is coming back, reanimated … they're hungry and they want to eat people." Straight forward! He added that explanations for zombie outbreaks differ from story to story, but in the case of "The Walking Dead," the plague's cause is unknown.

» "It's very important to recognize that there's a real tragedy to zombies; they're our friends and neighbors," Kirkman said, weighing in on the level of sadness that comes with the zombie genre. "It's upsetting, because they're our brothers."

» Zombies vary from traditional slow-movers to swifter creatures within the world of "The Walking Dead," and Kirkman explained the difference: "Sometimes they run fast if they're fresh."

» While there's no cure for the zombie affliction in the comics or television series, Kirkman did offer some on-the-nose advice on how best to cope with the flesh-hungry menace: "Shoot them in the head."

» Asked about the origins of "The Walking Dead," Kirkman explained that he's always been a fan of zombie movies (especially the Romero ones, with "Day of the Dead" being his favorite zombie film) and wanted to tell a story about what happens after a zombie film ends: "Zombie movies end one of two ways: everyone dies or a couple of people live and run off into the sunset never to be seen again. I always wanted to know where those people went, how they survived."

» Why are zombies so popular now? Kirkman's thoughts: "In a time when you have to worry about paying your bills, now you can watch your television and go, 'At least zombies aren't chasing me!'"

» "Everything scares me," Kirkman said when asked what he's afraid of. "Being on television is terrifying." Also on that list: ghosts and insects.

» BONUS: If you were watching the B-roll playing behind Kirkman closely, you caught a quick glimpse at a brand new zombie making its debut in next week's episode, "Cherokee Rose." It's one of the finest brain-craving creations, if not the finest, ever seen on "The Walking Dead." Get ready to go down that particular well, friends – it's gloriously disgusting.

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