'Game Of Thrones' Creator's 'Wild Cards' Gets Feature Film Treatment

Wild Cards

Fantasy writer George R. R. Martin is big business right now. “Game of Thrones” was a great success on HBO, his latest "Ice and Fire" novel “A Dance with Dragons" was recently released to great critical and commercial acclaim, and there's more good news on the way: it’s been announced that SyFy Films has snatched up the rights to “Wild Cards” for a feature film.

“Wild Cards,” which Martin co-created, edited, and has contributed his writing to, is a so-far 22-volume anthology where an alien virus turns many people into mutants called Jokers, but a few become Aces, who have superpowers. In other words, it’s a superhero story.

SyFy Films is the new company linking Universal Pictures and SyFy, and, as The Hollywood Reporter says, this is the first project it’s acquired for itself. Melinda Snodgrass, who co-created “Wild Cards” and has been one of the contributing writers, has been hired to write the screenplay. While Martin himself won’t be writing the script, he will be joining Snodgrass as an executive producer.

“We had a love of comics books and superheroes that we grew up on," Martin said. "But we approached the material differently. We wanted to do it in a grittier, more adult manner than what we were seeing in the '80s. It's something that many other people have been doing in the decades ever since."

Martin said that the movie will take place in modern times, and that we can expect to see the character The Sleeper.

"We hope this is the first of a long presence in film and perhaps even television down the line," he said.

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