'Spider-Man' Villain Rhys Ifans: The Lizard Is Not 'Pure Evil'

Rhys Ifans did more than show off his Lizard voice when he stopped by MTV News the other week to talk about "Anonymous."

The actor explained that he's a big fan of his "The Amazing Spider-Man" villain The Lizard because of his complexity. Unlike other villains that serve as foils to their superhero counterparts, Ifans has said that he think he and Spider-Man have a "moral" bond, and shared this time around why he thinks Connors is such a special character.

"The majority of comic book villains are pure evil, but Curt Connors is an exception," he explained. "Curt Connors is a good man who initially wants to save the world but he gets hungry and greedy and reckless and he pays the price for that."

Similarly, he thinks there's something unique about the Spider-Man superhero storyline that sets it apart and makes it more relatable than other similar comic book heroes.

"I just love the whole Spider-Man thing because Superman is so kind of godlike, he comes from another planet, Batman is this inaccessible, unapproachable millionaire, and Peter Parker is this schoolboy who's bullied and I think that's the kind of enduring appeal to that story," he said. "We can all relate to his bullying and the kind of flux that puberty induces in a young boy becoming a man."

Speaking of puberty, we snuck in a question about Peter Parker's ladylove in this movie, Gwen Stacey. Rumor on the street has it that she works for Connors in his lab, but Ifans wouldn't share much more than that.

"Emma works with me. Emma's character Gwen Stacey is a student who works at my laboratory," he said hesitantly. When called out on why he wouldn't share more details, Ifans joked, "You don't want me to turn 9-foot-tall and green and covered in scales and lick your face until you die."

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