'Walking Dead' Preview: 'Save The Last One' Teasers

"The Walking Dead" unleashes the third episode of its second season, "Save the Last One," this Sunday night (October 30). We left last week's episode with Shane and Otis desperately seeking a way to avoid becoming dinner for a small army of very, very hungry zombies, while Rick Grimes and his wife Lori watched hopelessly over Carl, still suffering from the accidental gunshot wound delivered by Otis.

So, what's next? Will Shane, already dead at this point in the comics, live to see another day, or has he finally met his maker? What's going to happen to Carl? And what kind of fantastic zombies will Greg Nicotero give us this week?

Beyond the break, read five teases of what's coming next. Be warned: some mild spoilers lie ahead.

» Rick and Lori have already settled in at Hershel Greene's farm, and while they're about to get company from some of their friends, there are some who won't make it to the rural safe haven by episode's end.

» If your zombie apocalypse plan is to kill yourself before things get too bad, this week's "Walking Dead" gives great advice on how not to off yourself.

» Speaking of great advice, Daryl Dixon has some hilarious words on what not to use as toilet paper while hanging out in the wilderness.

» Doctor Jenner, the scientist who blew up along with the CDC in last season's closing moments, may be gone, but whispers of his ghost certainly still linger.

» Comic book fans, if you've found yourself surprised by Shane's continued survival on the show, just you wait... another significant departure from the "Walking Dead" comics is on its way, and it's a doozy.

"The Walking Dead" infects your television set this Sunday (October 30) at 9/8 central. Watch the video below for Jon Bernthal's thoughts on Shane and his current mind set -- thoughts that are dangerously prophetic.

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