'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting In Newark Next Week

Dark Knight Rises

"The Dark Knight Rises" is about to wage its never-ending war on crime on the streets of New York City, and while the Christopher Nolan production is planning a Big Apple heavy shoot over the next two weeks, the director and his team are looking to spend some time on the Jersey Shore as well.

Well, maybe not quite the Jersey Shore, but Nolan's third and final Batman movie will film scenes in New Jersey next week. NJ.com reports that the city of Newark will host the Caped Crusader and the citizens of Gotham for a two-day shoot.

According to the website, city officials sent out a "cryptic press release" earlier this week stating that on next Thursday (November 3) and Friday (November 4), "there will be extensive traffic delays in the area around City Hall and Downtown Newark along McCarter Highway, Market Street, Raymond Boulevard, Broad Street, Mulberry Street, Halsey Street, Washington Street, and University Avenue, due to street closures and the re-routing of buses" between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM. If you're living in Newark and you're a fan of the Batman, well, I think you know where and when to find him.

Additional Newark shooting of "The Dark Knight Rises" will include a one day stint in City Hall, which is costing the Warner Bros. production $43,500 plus extra costs for on site police and fire personnel. Sounds like the Gotham City mayhem isn't over just yet.

"The Dark Knight Rises" over theaters on July 20, 2012.

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