'Batman: Arkham City' Sales Are Huge, Nightwing Trailer Arrives

Arkham City

"Batman: Arkham City" has earned some of the highest critical praise of any game this year, so it's no surprise that the action-adventure title is also selling incredibly well. Only a week after release, the game has already shattered the comparative sales figures of its predecessor, "Batman: Arkham Asylum." The holiday gaming season is still coming on strong, with a new "Call of Duty" title waiting in the wings, but "Arkham City" will likely stand as one of the best sellers of 2011.

According to Warner Bros., "Arkham City" managed to ship 4.6 million units worldwide during its first week. That's double what "Arkham Asylum" shipped during its launch week back in 2009.

"The true test for any game is what the players think and we have been thrilled by their reaction to Batman: Arkham City," said "Arkham City" director Sefton Hill via press release. "The team at Rocksteady put every ounce of effort into making the best Batman experience we possibly could, so we are overwhelmed by the incredible feedback from the community."

While "Arkham City" is enjoying impressive sales at retailers, Warner Bros. Interactive is looking ahead to downloadable-content that will hopefully coax a few more greenbacks from your wallet. On November 1, the Nightwing bundle pack arrives, followed by the Robin (Tim Drake) bundle on November 22.

The Nightwing pack brings some new challenge maps, as well as Dick Grayson's alter-ego, obviously. You can download the DLC for $6.99 on PlayStation Network or 560 Microsoft points on the Xbox 360 Live marketplace.

Not sure about adding Nightwing to your hero line-up? Check out this brand-new trailer showing him in all his Escrima Stick glory.

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