'Ghost Rider' Directors: Nicolas Cage Will Pee Fire In The Movie

Don't let appearances fool you: despite Nicolas Cage's continued involvement with the franchise, there is a new "Ghost Rider" in town. The Oscar-winning actor's second turn as the "Rider" comes courtesy of "Crank" directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who already gave us a burning taste of their uniquely twisted vision when Cage peed fire at the end of the first "Spirit of Vengeance" trailer.

The unforgettable moment won't be relegated to the "Ghost Rider" trailer, either. I spoke with Neveldine/Taylor last week after New York Comic Con, and the directing duo confirmed that Johnny Blaze's blazing urine is absolutely featured in the film.

"It's in the movie and that's all we can tell you," teased Neveldine, who wouldn't say any more on the subject. But he and Taylor were more than happy to get into the specifics of Blaze's new assortment of weaponry, which includes his ability to "hellify" not just his motorcycle, but anything he attempts to ride.

"In this movie, anything he rides becomes hellified and turns into sort of a weapon," said Taylor. "It's not just the Hellcycle. There are a lot of things he gets on and hellifies."

Among the vehicles Blaze will hellify is "a 700-foot strip miner … that actually rips through mountains. It's always good to have one of those on fire," offered Neveldine.

Beyond hellified vehicles, there's always fiery vomit at Blaze's disposal, as well as the aforementioned burning urine. Going back to that subject, it appears that there was very little CGI used in creating the Rider's hellish pee.

"[Nic Cage] is an Oscar winning actor, and we didn't have a big budget for this movie," said Neveldine. "So when we found out that Nic can actually pee fire, we had to put that in the movie."

(He's joking, by the way. I think.)

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