'Dark Knight Rises' IMAX Prologue: Experts Weigh In

The Dark Knight Rises

"The Dark Knight Rises" prologue — the one that's supposedly playing in front of "Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol" IMAX showings this December — is inching ever closer to reality.

Though still not officially confirmed, a new report indicates that the six-minute "Dark Knight Rises" teaser is very much happening, albeit on less IMAX screens than initially imagined. Click here for all the details. We'll wait for official word before getting too excited about an early look at Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie, but we can't contain ourselves completely.

To that end, we hit up some of our movie and comic book pals from around the blogosphere to weigh in on what they're hoping and expecting to see from the most-likely-happening "Dark Knight Rises" prologue. See what they had to say after the jump!

Kevin Polowy, NextMovie

"It's gotta be the Tom Cruise cameo, right? Kidding, there is no Tom Cruise cameo, I think/hope. Considering it's only screening in theaters equipped with super-turbo-state-of-the-art 70mm IMAX projectors, you can bet your Batmobile it's going to be heavy on the action, the effects and the noise. I'm anticipating a classic superhero opening sequence: Some miscreants are up to no good, pulling off some sort of heist or tormenting some poor group of Gotham locals, when the Dark Knight springs out of nowhere and makes 'em pay. I'd put money down on that."

Gregory Elwood, HitFix

"I think first off, somewhere Tom Cruise is thanking, um, whomever, that the first five minutes of 'The Dark Knight Rises' is going to be in front of 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.' That's huge for them. Paramount owes Warner Bros. a very big favor on that. And why 'Sherlock Holmes 2' isn't in IMAX is beyond me, but I digress...

"My guess is that the first five minutes will deal with Bane and how he escapes (we assume) from Arkham. That's not necessarily what I'd like to see, but I think it is how Nolan has set up the movie. I would not expect to see Catwoman in this at all. I'm most curious to see what look Nolan and [director of photography] Wally Pfister have come up with for 'Rises.' 'Batman Begins' was subtly different from 'The Dark Knight' and with most of the third movie set in the winter it will be curious to see if the IMAX shot scenes reflect that."

Caleb Goellner, Comics Alliance

"Provided I can navigate all of this archaic IMAX sorcery and get to a screen showing a prologue, I'd like to see a solid chunk of cinema that profiles Batman's adventures in Gotham following 'The Dark Knight.' Batman felt, at times, like a supporting character in the last film, so having a little time to revel in Batman being all Batmanny by his lonesome would be great before getting caught up in the Catwoman/Bane frenzy of the next film. Honestly, though, I'd probably shell out $20 just to watch Nolan's Alfred vacuum Wayne Manor for 20 minutes and leave happy."

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