'Young Justice' DVD Exclusive: The Justice League Stops By!

Even superheroes need help sometimes. In this exclusive clip from today's DVD release of volume two from season one of "Young Justice," the animated series that follows Superboy, Robin and other teen heroes as they fight evil, the grown-up Justice League drop a little knowledge on the kids.

The clip takes place after an encounter with Amazo, the power-adopting android. Young Justice was able to take out Amazo, but let his creator, Professor Ivo, escape. Batman and the rest of the Justice League have some advice for their younger counterparts, but remind them that the team exists because everyone could use a hand.

Voice work in the series includes Bruce Greenwood as Batman, Jesse McCartney as Robin and Danica McKellar as Miss Martian.

"Young Justice" season one, volume two, hits stores today (October 25).

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