'Batman: Arkham City' Suit Brought To Life With Amazing Detail

Arkham City

I've spent a great deal of time with "Batman: Arkham City" lately. Every night for the last week, I have grapnel-boosted my way across the skyline of Goth – er, Arkham City, dispatching goofy thugs with a quick drop of my black boot. On more than one occasion, I have suddenly realized that the sun was peeking through the window, leading to yet another day without sleep. Yes, the game is just that good.

The game is so good, in fact, that some eager fans out there just may want to dress up like the Bat himself. A few artists recently got together and produced what has to be the most detailed real-life representation of the game's amazing suit.

There's more than one suit associated with the "Arkham" franchise. Beyond the assortment of alternate suits, including the "animated series" get-up and a Sinestro Corp ensemble, Batman's costume has actually changed ever so slightly since "Batman: Arkham Asylum." The cowl and cape appear to have a bluer shade in certain light, but the textured grey and black bodysuit have remained.

Batpirisss, a user on the special effects site FX Lab's forums, apparently felt that Batman's suits in the games were actually the best costumes the Dark Knight had ever worn. That feeling was so strong, Batpirisss decided to recreate the suit with the help of a few other artist friends. The results are amazing.

I'm not sure if Warner Bros. is searching for a new costume designer, but this talented artist definitely seems more than capable of handling the task. Now, if I could just convince Batpirisss to make me one, my trips to the grocery store would be awesome.

[Thanks for the tip, @thealanjohnson]

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