'Batman: Arkham City' Map App Helps You Defeat The Riddler

Arkham City

The Riddler is definitely a weirdo, but flying around the titular setting of "Batman: Arkham City," it would appear that Edward Nigma is the busiest weirdo in the universe. As the game progresses, you'll uncover the locations of conveniently placed, glowing-green Riddler secrets – some locked behind brain-twisting puzzles – showing up on your map. Collecting the massive amount of question marks is a bit of a chore, but a new iOS app can help you nab every collectible in no time.

The official – albeit outsourced – "Batman: Arkham City Map App" brings the game's map directly onto your favorite iOS device, allowing you to scroll around and locate all of the Riddler's secrets. That includes the locations of regular trophies, the Catwoman-specific trophies, and the Riddler's riddles. It's a handy little guide, given that "Arkham City" contains over 400 such hidden items. Yes, four hundred.

Personally, I'm not too big on using game guides. Part of the fun of these videogame scavenger hunts is in the challenge of finding all the little items. Of course, "Arkham City" already helps you along quite a bit, as certain thugs scattered around the game world can actually be interrogated, revealing the location of Riddler's secrets on your map. The game also gives you the option to "tag" trophies, returning to them later.

Regardless, if you're in the market for a guide to the collection activities in "Arkham City," this official app looks like a good deal. Compared to the cost of buying a full-sized guide book, $2.99 seems like a steal. Plus, the ability to mark trophies as found in the app – as opposed to messing with a bunch of pages you printed out from a FAQ-site – is convenient.

Now, if you'll excuse, I must return to playing the game the "right" way – while pulling my hair out.

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