'Avengers' Was Not Shot With An iPhone

The Avengers

Alas, it was just too cool to be true: "The Avengers" did not get its iPhone on.

Late last week, a report surfaced that director of photography Seamus McGarvey had used Apple's mobile device to shoot certain portions of "The Avengers," the Marvel Studios superhero team-up flick set to assemble on May 4, 2012. The "Avengers" trailer even featured some of these scenes, allegedly. Sadly, McGarvey is now speaking out to say that these reports aren't true, and that he didn't utilize an iPhone in shooting "The Avengers."

"I was talking about how up and coming film makers have access to a whole range of new technologies which expand our options as filmmakers. I mentioned that the iPhone and the Canon 5d Mk2 were devices currently used on many Hollywood productions. I used the Canon on some shots on 'Marvel's The Avengers' movie," he told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. "Unfortunately, this was edited to read that I shot some of the film with the iPhone. This is not true."

Disney reportedly confirmed to THR that nothing in "The Avengers" was shot using an iPhone.

The news certainly is not a game-changer by any stretch, but it's a bit of a letdown. It would have been cool to watch Earth's Mightiest Heroes from the viewpoint of one of Earth's mightiest mobile devices. Maybe someone wants to take a crack at an iPhone-shot "Avengers" trailer parody?

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