'Kick-Ass' Duo Matthew Vaughn And Mark Millar Collaborate On New Movies


Mark Millar fans, get ready to kick some ass again.

It's been announced that "X-Men: First Class" director Matthew Vaughn, who directed the adaptation of Millar's "Kick-Ass" in 2010, has secured the film rights to two more Millarverse titles: "Superior," the Scottish writer's superhero tale illustrated by "Secret Invasion" artist Leinil Yu, and "The Secret Service," a newly announced comic book co-created by "Watchmen" legend Dave Gibbons.

"Superior" is the more familiar title of the two, having already released multiple issues of the limited series about a young boy suffering from multiple sclerosis who is suddenly granted the power to transform into the superhero Superior — a power that comes with a price.

"The Secret Service," on the other hand, is a much more secretive project. It was just announced on Comic Book Resources this month, and few to no details have leaked out beyond the involvement of Millar, Gibbons and Vaughn.

Vaughn holds the movie rights to both properties, but with no screenwriters currently attached and (one assumes) plenty of offers on the man's table, there's no guarantee that Vaughn will direct either of these movies as his next picture, if he directs one of them at all. But even as someone overseeing the development of both projects, all one has to do is take a look at Vaughn and Millar's combined work on "Kick-Ass" to know that "Superior" and "The Secret Service" are two of the hottest comic book adaptations to watch right now.

Now, if only these guys could get cracking on that "Kick-Ass" sequel…

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