Rhys Ifans Reveals 'Amazing Spider-Man' Lizard Voice

And then there was the time that Rhys Ifans broke out his Lizard voice.

Alright, let's back up and give you some context. The "Amazing Spider-Man" villain swung by MTV News earlier today (October 21) to chat about "Anonymous," his upcoming Shakespeare thriller directed by Roland Emmerich. While he was here, we got to talking about his work as Doctor Curt Connors, better known as the reptilian nemesis the Lizard.

By all accounts, Ifans' portrayal of the popular Spider-Man villain has been a complex one to pull off: the actor is wearing an, ah, unusual getup that's presumably getting a CGI makeover in time for the "Amazing" debut next summer. But Ifans has also said that the physicality of the monstrous character is his own, that you'll see his eyes and soak in his emotions… and now, after chatting with the erstwhile supervillain, we also know firsthand that the Lizard will have Ifans' voice.

"It's totally my voice," Ifans told us when we asked about the Lizard's voice. "I'm sure the voice will be toyed with in the eventual edits, but when I was shooting the CGI moments, when I wasn't actually human, when I was Lizard, I looked like a crash-test dummy in a green leotard thing. There were many moments when I had to speak to Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as the Lizard."

As if we didn't believe him — as if we needed further proof — Ifans took the opportunity to break out the Lizard's voice for the very first time. The result: a perfect cocktail of terrifying, bizarre and wonderful. Watch the video at the top of the post to hear it for yourself.

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