Ben McCool's 'Memoir' Heads To Television


Imagine waking up one day with no idea who you are. You don't recognize the person sleeping next to you. You don't know the kids in the room next door. You've forgotten everything, and you're not the only one — everyone in your town has drawn a collective blank, and that's just the beginning of the freakiness.

That's the core premise of "Memoir," the Image Comics series from writer Ben McCool and artist Nikki Cook about the people living in Lowesville, a sleepy Midwest town where every resident lost their memory in one inexplicable evening… well, almost everyone.

If you're not already familiar with the imaginative series, now's a good time to start brushing up, because "Memoir" is just the latest comic book to receive a live-action adaptation.

Publisher's Marketplace announced the news yesterday that Warner Bros. Television have acquired "Memoir" as a TV series, though at this time, no further details are known about the project's development, the key talent involved and other kinds of specifics. But here's one thing we do know: McCool is very, very excited.

"Me and artist Nikki Cook are absolutely delighted that a company as prestigious as Warner Bros. TV has elected to pick up 'Memoir,' and we're very excited to see where things go from here," he told MTV News when reached for comment. "Me and Nikki have always felt that the potential to tell stories in the 'Memoir' universe was abundant, so with a bit of luck there'll be plenty more of them coming soon!"

Have you read "Memoir"? Let us know what you think of the comic heading to television in the comments section and on Twitter!

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