'X-Men Anime' Exclusive Clip: Wolverine And Cyclops Hit The Battlefield

One thing I never got about the "X-Men" franchise… how could anybody possibly hate on mutants when they are just so. Freaking. Awesome? Seriously, is there anything not to like about people who can shoot laser blasts from their eyes and pop indestructible claws from their knuckles? Other than the bad attitudes and hero complexes, that is.

Regardless of your stance on mutant policy, I feel pretty confident in saying that you're going to love this action-packed exclusive clip from "X-Men Anime," the latest Marvel Anime series about to debut on the G4 Network this Friday (October 21) at 11 PM ET.

Starring Scott Porter as the voice of X-Men field leader Scott Summers, the new "X-Men" half-hour animated series focuses on a broken Cyclops seeking redemption alongside his fellow teammates. In this exclusive, we'll see just how far Cyke is willing to go, and how hard he's willing to fight, to meet his goals. It certainly doesn't hurt that he has an adamantium-laced ally fighting alongside him...