'Avengers' Trailer Parody: Not The Justice League

The Avengers

The hugely anticipated "Avengers" trailer has had little more than a week to marinate in the minds of fans, but some have already been panged with the irresistible urge to make fun of the teaser, and make it their own.

With a self-made a capella soundtrack, rather excellent action editing and delightfully ditzy Thor moments, this "Sweded" trailer for Marvel Studios' tentpole team up is one of the best we’ve seen. Check it out after the jump!

The trailer was composed by an assembled team of some of the Internet's mightiest heroes, led by low-profile auteur Bryan Harley, and including Roque Rodriguez, Brandon Carrera, Andrew Toschi and Travis Sheridan.

If you're not familiar with "Sweding," the term comes lifted from Michele Gondry's 2008 film "Be Kind Rewind," in which two of the main characters, played by Jack Black and Mos Def, precociously reenact a video rental store's worth of blockbusters in severely low-budget fashion. We think the folks responsible for Sweding this "Avengers" trailer would make Black and Mos very, very proud.

[Editor's Note: I will have "we are like the Justice League, but we're not the Justice League" stuck in my head for the next seven days. Thanks guys! -JW]

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And watch this bonus "Avengers" trailer commentary from "Walking Dead" comic book creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman!

Would you consider making your own "sweded" trailer for your favorite upcoming blockbuster? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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